Working with Notch

By June 13, 2018 July 20th, 2018 No Comments

During my youth and my studies I was performing as a DJ. I would play vinyl hours on and in my room and in front of people. To me, it was magical to mix records and to find a new exciting combinations. The langer the records would be in the mix, the better it was, as a new creation was made then.

After my studies this interest in combining elements had shifter towards the moving image, motion graphics and animations. However, moving images has a major downside: long rendertimes and slow computers. I’ve rendered millions of frames and with my technical background it became a real challenge to combine creativity with fast production.

Lately at Univate we’ve taken a new direction: real time content creation. Thanks to the ultra fast graphic cards which can use parallel graphics just like modern video games, there’s a trend that can not be stopped anymore; realtime content creation with insane quality and possibilities.

Now that we’ve ventured in this direction I’ve suddenly got that old feeling of mixing and matching back. By pushing and twisting buttons realtime there are endless combinations that feel the same way als playing records to me. And thanks to the most high quality hardware at Univate the audiovisual possibilities are endless.