Show control

We can provide the latest equipment and media server operators to make your event a success. This lets us display our content — and that of others — in the best possible way. Our real-time technologies enables us to fine-tune our experiences on location. We can pre-visualise shows in a virtual venue.

Media server operators

Content can only flourish if the display is technically perfect. Our technicians will make sure the equipment is fully prepared and that every part of the show starts at exactly the right moment. We offer dedicated professionals for media servers like Disguise d3 and Watchout.

  • D3 / disguise
  • Notch
  • Watchout
  • Content support
disguise media server

Realtime graphics

We go beyond playing pre-rendered content by offering the possibility of real-time motion graphics in our media servers. For this, we use the innovative Notch software that works directly with media servers like Disguise d3. It means we can push every pixel and even combine pre-rendered and real-time content.

Augmented reality

We go beyond making AR content for tablets and headsets and can implement this exciting new technology on broadcast TV level.

By combining state of the art realtime 3D technology and media servers with our years of experience in creating concepts and designs for shows, we can develop original concepts within tight production schedules and give directors and producers the total freedom over camera positions and movement.

Show pre-visualisation

To get the end result you have in mind, we’ve created several essential preview formulas. These previews make you part of the process and showcase the experience before it turns real.

Virtual camera’s

Placing virtual cameras also lets producers and directors check camera positions before going to location.

Previz tool

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