Interactive mist installation

A psychedelic playground

We’re proud to be part of this beautiful project for Down the Rabbit Hole festival. ‘Periscopista’ is an interactive mist installation, that is controlled by the festival crowd through video feeds, sound and movement. Resulting in an overwhelming psychedelic cloud that connected the people with their festival surrounding in new and innovative way.

We were invited by Thijs Biersteker and AMP Amsterdam, who won the Grand Prix 2016 with the ‘Periscopista’ concept. We created the interactive software and were responsible for connecting the machine with the crowd. Just check the video and you’ll be sorry for missing out. Luckily, ‘Periscopista’ will be present at the festival in the following years.

We delivered:
  • interactive content
  • show control

More info and inspiration

here you see work in progress, behind the scene photo’s and concept sketches