Dance Sing

Dance Sing

Dance Sing

In this nationally broadcast TV talent show, contenders need to both sing and dance. To turn each song into a visual spectacle, Univate created Augmented Reality environments. We created 3D objects and motion graphic content that could be placed virtually on the stage. We also created numerous virtual dancers who we filmed in our in-house green screen studio.

To make this all run smoothly within the tight schedule of a TV production, we had a dedicated show control team on site. We also offered the show director a virtual preview of each song using our show previsualisation solution.

We delivered:
  • art direction
  • concept design
  • green screen recording
  • motion graphics
  • augmented reality production
  • show control
  • previsualisation tool

Augmented reality showreel

Digital decors

Augmented reality

together with NEP we delivered the AR for dance sing

Our operator Rik Schoutsen operate the show with disguise media servers

More info and inspiration

here you see work in progress, behind the scene photo’s and concept sketches