Light installation

In honour of all guide dogs

Part of the Illuminade route during the Amsterdam Light Festival.

If you want to see Filos, you’ll have to look for it, because at first sight this seems an abstract work. Only when you look at it from a certain angle will this best friend of man reveal himself. In this work the artists refer to the (functional) relationship between man and animal. The images projected onto Filos come from clients and supporters of KNGF, the organization that trains about a hundred dogs a year. This training takes a lot of work and time, because it’s no small matter to become a guide-dog. After a stay in a puppy fosterhome, the future guide-dog goes to a special school in Amstelveen. It takes six to eight months of training before the dog goes to its new owner en do its important work.
On the special action site everybody can contribute to this work of art.

Filos was realized by KNGF, Stokvis Content and Univate.

We delivered:
  • concept
  • show control
  • augmented reality
  • disguise
  • notch


More info and inspiration

here you see work in progress, behind the scene photo’s and concept sketches