Light art XMAS tree

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Light art XMAS tree

Every year, Christmas is unique and special. The challenge is to keep your Christmas interesting. And how do you ensure that when Christmas comes, you will have a unique product for your company or retail environment?

Faber Audiovisuals & Univate introduce the Light art XMAS tree.

This easy to install ‘tree’ is a modern alternative to the well-known pine tree and gives you a sensational eye-catcher at the touch of a button.

By means of projection mapping, the abstract 3D object changes into an eccentric Christmas tree, which can be personalised with animations in colour and style of your organisation.

The tree is available in standard sizes of 2 or 3 meters high. If you want a different size, we can realise this on request.

Combination with digital Christmas card

Creating a unique Christmas card can also be a challenging task. It is possible to combine the Light art XMAS tree with a digital Christmas card.

We make recordings of your Light art XMAS tree on location, and can add an animated message to it. All you have to do is send the digital Christmas card to your relations or staff.

If you order before October 29th, you are guaranteed to have a unique Christmas tree this year.

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  • In the colour and style of your organisation
  • Available in standard sizes of 2 or 3 meters high
  • Other formats can be realised on request
  • Possibility to combine with a digital Christmas card
  • Order before October 29th and you are assured of a unique Christmas tree this year