Content creation

These days, many events use innovative display technologies to engage audiences. This can be anything from large LED walls, projections or the latest immersive technologies like virtual and augmented reality.

We specialize in creating content that goes beyond the frame of traditional screen formats. Whether it’s optimizing existing content or creating something new. We can even create interactive experiences.

2D & 3D Motion graphics

We create motion graphics of all kinds. Whether you want to reinforce your message or make complex matters look easy: we make it engaging and fun to watch.

Broadcast graphics
Motion graphics

Interactive content

With an interactive experience, your audience becomes part of your story. We can create installations with subtle interactions, but also fully immersive experiences for VR and AR platforms.


In-house film studio

We have an in-house green screen film studio. This means we can produce video assets with removable backgrounds quickly. The green screen can be replaced by a solid black background for other creative film shoots as well! It’s also possible to rent our studio for your own productions.

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Post production

We offer a complete range of post-production services. From video editing and color correction to chromakeying and 3D camera tracking. We have an in-house VFX studio to efficiently produce chromakey shots up to 4K resolution.

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