Concept design

Our clients often know what story they want to tell, where they want to tell it. We specialise in creating concepts for how the story can be told in a physical space in ways that are not only surprising but also engaging and memorable. The location, event and brand are the building blocks that our creative team use when presenting a creative proposal for letting your story come to life.

Full service

We deliver concepts where creative content and visual technologies match seamlessly.

Corporate event

Tailored concepts

If you want something truly original for your next event, we can create a custom concept based on the latest technologies. This could be anything you can imagine, from state-of-the art LED screens to projection mapping and completely interactive experiences.


Ready-to-use products

We also offer concepts that we have already developed and have successfully deployed for many clients – we call them our Products. Of course, we will fill them with original content to make them match your event or story but in many cases we can integrate your existing content using design templates. This results in affordable solutions with quick turnaround times.



We can present the complete concept through our virtual visualisation solutions. This lets you see the content in the context of the stage design at an early stage!

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