The main challenge: how do we promote Chevrolet at the Chicago Auto Show in a new way. Our answer: by giving visitors the most fun they’ve had on the show floor. So, we made a cutting edge VR video game where players get to play baseball or football against each other.

When a player put on the VR glasses, they really stepped into a full fledged Chevrolet stadium, where they got to play the hero. After a huge succes in Chicago and New York, the VR game is traveling around the world to other show floors, giving fun to people from different cultures and places.

Our partner CT Germany gave us the opportunity to support them with this project that came from the creative minds of Jack Morton USA.

We delivered:
  • virtual reality
  • show control
  • augmented reality
  • disguise
  • notch


Behind the scenes

More info and inspiration

here you see work in progress, behind the scene photo’s and concept sketches