At Univate, we create visual worlds that amaze you. Whether it’s in public space, at an intimate show or at a museum, we do it ‘The Univate Way’. This means we use design (graphic, motion, sound and 3D), programming and the newest AV technologies to tell the story of our clients. Our job is done, when that story becomes real.

We don’t only research the way we can tell this story, but we get to the core of the story itself. Together with our clients we conceptualise their vision and help them to get their ideas across in the best way possible. This bold view on things has made us a partner from the early stages, to the execution of beautiful projects.



To tell a story the best way possible, we have to be able to deliver everything under a single roof. We develop a concept, design a space, deliver the technology and create content to tell the story with.


Every story needs a world to live in. So before we can tell the story, we start by building the world. Our designers research the question they were given, and give you questions in return.


If we know what we want to tell, we can design the physical space to tell the story in. Our goal is to design a space that immerses you completely,


The story is told with the newest and best technologies. This way, we can truly redefine human experiences and create memories.


We breathe the story to life with amazing visuals and content that transcend the message and are absorbed by it’s space.


Our clients are part of this whole process. By working in iterations and reflecting together, we know which way to go.